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The mission of the NPHS library program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information, to create lifelong learners and to encourage a love for reading.

Destiny Discover

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Destiny Discover

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Intellectual Freedom: Your Right to Read

Everyone has the right to read and have access to books and information without restriction.

Celebrate Banned Books Week: Sept 27- Oct 3

  • Take the "Freedom to Read" Challenge. Under Promotions in the Menu bar.
  • Click here to see the top ten most challenged books of 2019: ALA Top Ten Most Challenged Books

Monthly Contests

20 days ago

Winter LibRary Challenge:

Complete the NPHS student survey and enter for a chance to win a book and a McDonald's Gift Card. Deadline to complete the survey is February 4, 2022. 

October Library Challenge: Check out a book from one of this month's displays and enter a drawing to win a Halloween candy bag.  This month's displays: 

Freedom to Read and Banned Books 
National American Hispanic Month
Dying to Read a Scary Book 

Winner: Londyn Nation 
Challenge ends October 29

September Challenge: Destiny discover

Use the Destiny catalog to record a book's call number and find it on the shelf.  If you complete the challenge successfully, you will enter a drawing to win a pizza gift card.   Check out a book and enter the drawing twice!  

Challenge ends September 30. 

September winners: 

Student:  Colton Williams

Teacher:  Erin Fortenberry 

August MarshMallow Contest 

Guess the number of marshmallows in the jar and enter a drawing to win a Baskin Robbins gift card. 
August Student Winner: Shawn Vielee
August Teacher Winner: Catherine Andrews 

To search for scholarly, credible articles and sources, click on the link below.

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